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Is your website mobile responsive?

How old is your website? Have you ever checked to see if it's easy to read on other devices like mobile, tablet or on smaller desktop screens?


What does it mean mobile responsive - This means that whatever device you are viewing a website from it should automatically reduce to the correct size to be viewed and scrolled easily.


Why would you want a responsive site - Over 80% of internet users own a mobile phone, and of these around 50% also use there mobile device to search on the internet. (data care of -


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Welcome to our website.

Welcome to Pake, we offer small business services for online marketing within your local area or around the world.

We offer a range of services from getting you online with a website, posting on social media, google adwords for quick response marketing, lead generation with online form converting to phone calls.


Our site is starting to grow and will be fully operational over the next few weeks.


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